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Azure Active Directory: AN in-depth Instructor lead training from beginners to Advanced level

Gain an understanding of directory service options, how to use a custom domain, how to manage users and groups, as well as how to use single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. You will also learn Application management, how to work with application access, how to add and access applications, how to extend and deploy AD to the cloud, Device management, Cloud provisioning, Business-to-Customer, Conditional Access and Reports and monitoring.

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Networking (Cisco) and Network Security

Become an industry expert in Networking and network security, build your skills and career from one of the best instructors in Silicon Valley California.
The world is getting more digital and having the skills to secure devices is critical to solving the challenges we face.

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Koach-IT will provide 360 view of key aspects of data science starting with python to advance machine learning models.

Data Science

Azure Active Module

Module One

Introduction to Azure Active.

Module Two

Azure Active Directory.

Module Three

Azure Active Directory.

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