Company Profile

We are an Information and communications technology (ICT) company specialized in IT skill training and educational services for youth and adult workforce development. Our training cuts across a mix of top IT certifications in high demand within and outside the IT industry.


Our robust access to a varied resource pool both in terms of skills and technology guarantees the delivery of quality skill acquisition in different areas of technology specialization. Our extensive course library is taught by industry experts who bring their hand-on experience to ensure the most expansive training experience.


We envision an American community where the economy and economic opportunities are propelled by new IT driven initiatives, developed by our trained IT workforce, thus providing and improving the lives of our graduates as well as their current community economic viability.


We provide basic, intermediate and advanced IT training courses with key em- phases on IC3, Microsoft, Linux, Cisco and CRM Unified communication solu- tions. We create an effective learning environment with adequate IT Infra- structure, deployment and automation tools, and cloud management solu-

What KOACH-IT Does?

We provide paid internship to all graduate of our professional programs!

Online Coaching

Our online coaching plateform is very easy to use. We have both free training program and paid training courses. Feel free to check our courses


With our team of experts, we counsel you on the best skill to enroll for and relevant in our present work. You are sure of getting the best from us.

Life Programs

We also offer life programs where you can always come down to add more value to yourself on the latest technology.

Our Team

Meet our professional Team, we serve you best at Koach-IT.

Ron Tate

President/ Co-Founder

koach-it co-founder

Bosa Anikweze

Vice President/ CO-Founder

Lynn Preston

Director of Compliance


Koach-IT evaluates the impact of its technology education and skilled workforce training center using standard project evaluation framework. The model em- ploys both quantitative and qualitative indicators to gauge the project effec- tiveness of all participants and key stakeholders. Evaluation will be conducted by our IT Project Coordinator, who is responsible for measuring outcomes and reporting within set timeframes.