Get the Soft Skill and Technical skill needed to Bridge the Skills-Gap. Our extensive technology course library is taught by industry experts who bring their hands-on experience to guarantee the most expansive training experience needed in the industry.
Building a unique capable workforce in technology, then train personel on how to leverage on it flexibility, agility and adaptability
With our team of experts, we counsel you on the best skill to enroll for and relevant in our present work. You are sure of getting the best from us.

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Koach-IT Consulting Services (KCS) is a key differentiator. KCS consults and lead organizational transformations, developing business solutions to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve resilience. We introduce model templates and offer business advisory, technical support, IT auditing, risk assessment and compliance services to many organizations, government establishments and institutions.

Workforce Development Courses

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Out Workforce Development program coaches the core of IT technical support desperately needed in all industries.  Our program is taught by some of the best industry experts with live sessions to demonstrate hands-on exercises . find out what it means to be a student at Koach-IT.

Module 1-6: Computer Architecture, Active-Directory, Networking, Office 365 Admin, Ticketing System, SCCM & Python Programming and Data Storage

WorkForce -Level 1

Module 1-5: Microsoft Server Admin, Linux Server Deployment, Audio visual collaboration, L2-Networking, Cyber-Security. Cloud Architecture/ Cloud storage and Mobile Technology

Work-Force Level 2 


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As the world becomes a global village, we can Learn and share deep understanding of current and future technologies so read some of our interesting posts.

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Access to All Workforce Levels

Our  programs will prepare you with the skills and real-life experiences needed to succeed in any professional field, offered online with live instructor lead classes. This advanced class focuses on level 2 and 3 Network and Cyber Security training. Our Instructor has over 10 years experience and will walk you though all practical training via our virtual classroom.  

Workforce Level 1 training captures all key areas needed to get a job especially with post Covid-19 on-demand jobs. learn new technical skills while maintaining your current job. These programs provide the opportunity to level up your skills for work from home jobs

When I was attending Koach-IT Technology Education I found everything interesting. Ron challenged me same time encouraged me to figure out daily I.T. problems. Example, One time he called my name and then he said: “wireless printer doesn’t work.”During that time I don’t know how to perform troubleshoot the problem. I almost gave up, hiding that moment. He encouraged me and helping me to figure out.Lately, Milestone project is server relate and some kinds of support jobs.

Big Data & Data Science Course data science or analytics career

Coming soon! This course will prepare learners on how to start a career as a data scientist by applying lessons on data mining, big data applications, and data product development. Learn the process of applying statistical analysis and logical techniques to extract information from data. With 120 hours of classroom instruction and Lab Simulation exercises, you will be able to demonstrate the coding skills required to build algorithms and analytic models needed to automate the processing of data at scale.